Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Holiday Bazaar Wrap Up

I'm back to my neglected blog, and hoping to  be a more dedicated blogger in 2013.
I thought I'd start by giving you a little recap of what my friend Kandi and I have been up to the past few months.  We ended up doing 6 (I think) real craft/holiday bazaars between the end of October and beginning of December, along with 2 informal "open house" shopping times at Kandi's house.

I think we said we were only going to do a couple of bazaars, but think it ended up being the most we have ever done!

Here are a few things we sold this year....

Fabric keys/wristlets.  I made a some that were felt and some that were fabric.

Kandi made these fun "sock cupcakes".  They are always a huge hit, and make great gifts for teachers, co-workers, etc.

I made these little owl treat bags, using the Stampin' Up "Top Note" die.  They are year I might try reindeer using a cut snowflake for antlers and a red rhinestone or maybe pom-pom nose.  Hmmm.
 Here is a basket with some of my tags...
 My "Magic Reindeer Food", packaged up in large & small test tubes.
 Here are some of the 'singed flower" hair clips and pins.  Lots of fun to make, but kind of time consuming!  Have any of you ever made these? 
 These are fun, fabric "jumbo clips".  I think these are great teacher gifts.  I gave my sister one once and she said it worked good in her lesson plan book.  :)
 Here are Kandi's ruffle scarves.  I love these!  Someday I will learn to knit or crochet...which one is this?  I have no clue!! :)
 Here are Kandi's super cute packets of "Snoman Soup".  Love these!
 And her new "Rolo Snowmen".  She used the fingers off the stretch gloves to make the hats.  Isn't that clever?? is a picture of my fabric tissue holders/cozies and the key chains again.
We had more things on the table, but I don't think I managed to get pictures of everything.  
I realize I have been making a few things for several years now. 
 Time to change it up for Bazaar Season 2013.  :) 

Oh, and here is a picture of Kandi and Me.  We have been friends since grade school....which was a long time ago. ;)
Happy Crafting!

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