Sunday, April 17, 2011

My New Home!

Well, my "new" blog home anyway! In February we switched Internet providers from Frontier to Comcast, and at that time my Posh Paisley blog used a Frontier email as my login. Oops! I didn't realize once we switched that I would be locked out of my own blog. How is Blogger so smart? Well, live and learn. After a month or more of trying to figure out how to get my old blog back, I figured starting a new one was easier. So my tip to you: if you have a blog, or want to start a blog, use a HOTMAIL, GMAIL, YAHOO email account. (Did you know, there are no real people that you can contact at blogger? No help desk, nobody to email...just you. And maybe an online forum you and other lost people read.) Ack. Okay, on with the show! :)

If you would like to visit my previous blog to find out a little more about me, you can find it here: Posh Paisley Blog.

I have added some of my past crafty pictures in the right side bar of THIS blog just for fun! >>>>>>>

So.......welcome to my new and improved "Posh Paisley Studio" Blog! I hope you add me to your favorites and visit often. :)

I'll be back with another post and pictures from a Spring Craft Fair I did yesterday with my Friend Kandi. :)

Have a great Sunday~ Linda

(Opening photo courtesy of

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  1. Yay! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your new posh posts! :)


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